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CRIS System

Bespoke Development

The Client Referral & Information System, CRIS, is an Internet software package used by financial advisers and professional connections to actively manage client referrals whilst producing management information and compliance records for each party. The CRIS enables users to approach financial services (FS) needs in a totally uniform manner. 

The system allows the adviser to keep all of their introducers fully informed of the progress of all referrals made to them as well as actively managing the financial advisers that are working on the referrals.

The software offers the following:

  • A robust but simple administration system
  • Detailed records of dates, times and outcomes of all client meetings
  • Tracks any fees or commissions that are owed
  • Means to comply with regulatory authority requirements on record keeping
  • Complete audit trail, available for inspection at any time
  • Effective management of client meetings and the outcomes
  • Effective management of the referral process 

CRIS was developed by Richard Davis to the strict specifications laid out by Trevor Hinds of Immanis and CRIS.UK.COM ltd.

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