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Umbraco Or Wordpress Cms?

As fans of the superb Umbraco content management system we compare it to Wordpress and explain the key benefits of choosing Umbraco to manage your website.

So in one hand, we have Wordpress which arguably is the most popular blogging tool on the internet and does include the functionality to quickly and cheaply build websites and blogs with its plug-in based architecture and template system. On the other hand, we have Umbraco which is a fully featured open source CMS with the flexibility to run anything from a small website through to a highly complex web application. 


Wordpress is a blog publishing tool first and CMS second gaining popularity due to ease of customisation particularly for web designers with limited coding ability through the use of a large range of downloadable templates and plugins. This allows web design companies/agencies to piece together sites with limited or no coding experience. Whilst bespoke solutions can be created with Wordpress it is better suited as a blog solution and can be somewhat cumbersome to adapt if your customer has totally bespoke requirements outside the bounds of any templates and plugins that may be available. This is due to the nature of how Wordpress is designed, whilst being open source you are constrained by set design protocols for the solution to function. Another potential pitfall with Wordpress being the security of the templates and plugins. So, with a Wordpress site, you can be assured you will need to keep on top of this at all times. 


Umbraco, on the other hand, is a fully featured open source CMS that provides full control over markup and design without constraint. It provides developers the complete freedom (and the tools necessary) to create a truly tailored solution that can easily be expanded upon as your website grows. Unlike Wordpress which is primarily a blogging tool, Umbraco is a more comprehensive approach to a CMS allowing full customisation without restriction. Over the last few years, many large organisations have adopted Umbraco as their CMS solution and these include Tesco PLC, SanDisk, Microsoft, Heinz, and Costa to name a few.

Many of our customers that have moved from Wordpress are quick to comment on how much easier they find it to work with our bespoke Umbraco solutions. So if you want a professional looking website that really is easy to manage and that can adapt with you over time then we really think you should be looking at Umbraco as your CMS.

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